MWM 2019

Middle West Movies turned 4 years old October 2018 and we look to 2019 as the brightest year yet. MWM has been working with filmmakers to understand their needs and have developed core programs we believe are big steps towards fulfilling our vision and mission.

Vision, Mission, and Next Steps

Our vision is to support filmmakers and production artists of the heartland to thrive at home instead of moving to the coasts to pursue a career in motion pictures.

Our mission is to provide programs that develop and promote filmmakers and production artists of the Middle West. MWM wants regional filmmakers to realize their dreams, whether supporting them to get to the highest level of the film industry or channel their passion for making movies.

We are reaching out to our network of filmmakers, creatives, and entrepreneurs to explore the next phase of Middle West Movies. Middle West Movies seeks guidance and collaboration with leaders in the independent film communities across the Heartland. The goal is to form a committee of regional filmmakers to define the programs and opportunities that will increase sustained support for production artists and projects across the heartland.


  • Educate and develop the aspiring auteur

  • Empower filmmakers with the skills and professionalism to hold a career in the industry

  • Develop fundraising and distribution channels available to artists in the region to keep talent local

  • Help filmmakers operate as small businesses, so that they can be sustainable

  • Make more jobs available to sustain a higher quality of living for artists across the region