Dog Days in the Heartland Cast & Crew Profiles #2: Tamitra Williford

Making an independent film takes a lot of time and funding, but more importantly, it takes a lot of passion and soul from so many creative and driven people. These are the stories from the cast & crew who made Dog Days in the Heartland what it is today. We ask them about working on the film, what independent film means to them and what they are up to now. Our second post is from Tamitra Williford, an actress & cast member who played the part of Barbra.

"At the risk of sounding like Oprah, I...LOVE…independent film. I love independent film. That is what attracted me to audition for the role of Barbra in Dog Days in the Heartland. Working on the film (and with Middle West Movies) taught me the value of creating an authentic character. Through my talent agency, I most recently did a commercial for SSM and an extra role in The Layover directed by William H. Macy. In the independent film Bad Grandmas, I played a shopper. This film was selected for the St. Louis International Film Festival. The cast and crew significantly feel the loss of Florence Henderson. I admire her final role choice which forced her fans to see her outside of the constructs of the Brady Bunch and as America’s mom."