Dog Days in the Heartland Cast & Crew Profiles #3: Karen Druley

I loved working with everyone on “Dog Days”. Chad Carpenter invited me to audition and so I did. He ended up writing a part for me in the movie. I’m thankful to Middle West Movies for giving me the courage I needed to step outside my comfort zone & work with other movie companies. Since then I’ve acted in more movies, been an extra, did commercials, worked as movie crew. Summer 2017 I stepped into the world of Modeling. And now I’m also expanding into Vintage Pinup. More exciting projects coming with Acting, Vintage Pinup & Modeling. 

Acting & Modeling have been lifelong dreams of mine since I was a kid. After my mom died I realized how short life really is. It’s time to start fulfilling my dreams. I filmed my first movie in March 2015 and have been on the road to Dream Fulfillment ever since. My husband has become involved in all the things I do & is very supportive. The rest of my family is supportive but stay behind the scenes. 

One thing I love about Independent Films is that it offers everyone of every age, size, color an opportunity. I know people that started acting in independent films in their 60’s. There are people who want to move to Hollywood to do TV & Films. For me, I don’t see myself wanting to do that. I’m perfectly happy staying in the Midwest helping make Independent Films. And also working with all the talented people I get to. Making movies is a lot of work but so rewarding to see your finished project put together. 

Thank you for having us as a part of the Middle West Movies family. We look forward to the next projects with all of you. 

I post my Acting projects to my Acting Facebook Page. And I have an IMDB Page. I’d love to have new followers.