Dog Days in the Heartland Cast & Crew Profiles #6: Seth Ferranti

I went into Dog Days knowing that I wanted to be involved in film and thought it would be more behind the camera. But Chad cast me as a race car driver. It was pretty cool acting. I had just got out of prison after a lengthy sentence for drugs. I was a writer and had published several books, but acting was new to me. Very unique experience on set with the Dog Days cast and crew. I met some people that I still work with today.

I went on to write and produce WHITE BOY, which will be on iTunes on May 29. It's the story of Richard Wershe Jr. and his continued incarceration for 8 kilos of cocaine which he was convicted of as a juvenile. I am also working on four other film projects in various stages of completion as a writer, director, producer, and creator. Not sure if acting is in my future, but you never know.