Dog Days in the Heartland Cast & Crew Profiles #9: Jane & Harry Johnson

"Hi, I'm Jane Johnson. My husband, Harry wouldn't write up a profile, so I did and he ok'd it.
It was a real surprise to us when, after looking at our farm, Chad Carpenter asked if he could use it as one of the locations in his film.He also asked our daughter, Tara McKenzie, if he could use her horses and dog (Chili).
After taking a few shots around the farm and talking to Harry for a whole afternoon, Chad asked Harry if he would be in the film,  to play the part of Bob Johnson, one of the lead roles. I was thinking, Oh boy, where is this going? We knew nothing about independent films or the making of one. We looked at the script. Harry (no acting experience) agreed he would do the part.

Chad reassured him he would direct him through it. I thought this is gonna be fun to watch. Then Chad asked me to play, Millie, Bob" wife. All I had to do was lie in a hospital bed and act like I was in a coma. No talking! Yeah for me!! I agreed.
Then the fun began.
Harry enjoyed every minute of it ( except the long days) He loved meeting and working with all the actors and the production crew. We felt like they were becoming part of the family, because of all the time we spent together. We had a lot of fun and made a lot of memories to cherish through the years.

Since the movie:
We have been playing with our band Johnson's Jubilee. We've had the band 18 years now. We play old-time country, bluegrass, and gospel music. We both sing and I play stand up bass and Harry plays guitar.

Our granddaughters sing with us.
We love to go to our Arkansas cabin and we play music there also with other friends.
We are still living on our farm. Harry is happiest when he is preaching, from the Bible and telling others the good news.
He plays pool at the senior center.
He's a great husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather.
We'll be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary this year in August.
We want to thank everyone involved in making Dog Days in the Heartland. It was fun. It turned out beautiful. Congratulations on a job well done and thanks for believing in us old country bumpkins. Thanks for the memories."