Dog Days in the Heartland Cast & Crew Profile #10: Jake Leech

"To have your work exist permanently in a space that you can revisit time and time again like a memory materialized, is something that few get to have the privilege. To be able to revisit something that grants you increasing joy and pride in what you’ve achieved with so many talented others upon each return to the space, is something even fewer have experienced. Something of a blessing, a phenomenon, a miracle. 

I never thought I'd be able to say, "I created a film soundtrack", but it had always been a dream of mine, or more a passing passion. But on August 30th, 2015, I received an e-mail from Dylan Schnitker, a very talented St. Louis-based Cinematographer, kindly put me in touch with a local Director, Chad Carpenter. And after a 2+ year process, Dog Days in the Heartland, the film was finished and the OST (Original Soundtrack) followed on August 11th, 2017. There some people who need be recognized for their work, for which mine would have never come to be without.

Sam Baiamonte, one of my closest friends and Editor of the film, set the tone for a film that shows more than meets the eye, but doesn't stray us into the clouds. Who showed audience members, some who've never cared about film, that a film could be made about familiar surroundings and say “I’ve felt that, but never knew it was something real”. Sam made it real and we owe him for that exceptional realness.

Chad Carpenter, our director and fearless leader, whose vision always kept us motivated with his tireless joy and passion, not only for the film, but for independent, mid-western cinema in general. He's a person whose vision is opening doors for so many others to express themselves creatively and get the notoriety they deserve. He sees that there is real talent in Mid-America, and wants to bring it to the world. If you know someone who doesn't believe a person can be a trailblazer and the kindest of people at the same time, send them to Chad.

Dylan Schnitker’s, our DP, has an eye that proves the concept of possessing ‘something that can’t be taught’. Knowing how to find the idiosyncratic moments of living and non-living things, is what makes cinema worth watching, and Dylan couldn’t be more in sync with it.

It’s a film I hope you’ll see, to not just see what a mid-western sky looks like, but what it feels like inside.

PS: I quickly want to say thank you to my friend and incredibly talented violinist, Emma Tiemann, for lending her bow to the score. Her talents hoisted our soundtrack to the place we always dreamed it would, and we are eternally grateful for her contributions. 

PPS: I am working on the soundtrack of a new short film entitled Sumergido (translation: Submerged), directed by Tal Mandil & Mario Riquelme, currently in production in Santiago, Chile."


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