Dog Days in the Heartland Cast & Crew Profile #11 & #12: Dylan Schnitker & Sam Baiamonte

Dylan Schnitker (DP) and Sam Baiamonte (editor) talk working on Dog Days in the Heartland with local podcast, Exist.

Dylan tells of how Dog Days evolved - “The short film a lot of people talk about doing a short and turning it into something bigger, but Chad followed through with that. When it became time to do the feature, it was cool to see things come together."

"It was really cool seeing how it changed once we started to get good action. We did two summers, it was a pretty big process. We started out pretty hard on the script. It was interesting to really start to chase some non-actors. It was really interesting to see the script have a blurred line between reality. It was almost like we had this net and we threw it out to reality and it caught on to parts of reality that we were tied to and we just started to chase certain parts. Like when we shot that second summer, we started to chase certain parts that were effective that first summer. Just a cool process to see what kind of came from that short film and just turn it into this whole big thing. And then when Sam came in and edited all of it. The whole post process has been the big thing.“

Sam on the post-production process - “It was definitely daunting. I remember I got the script and started to log everything and organize everything, I used the script as more as an outline than a roadmap. It just kind of took on a life of its own. "

"After a while, the footage was so different from the script, so I just started to follow the footage, just seeing where the story had taken itself, separate from the script. Even though it was challenging to put it into a structure, I think the movie now is so fluid, raw, and real because of that process. It allowed us to have a more contemporary and abstract approach. The docu-style helped piece together the narrative in a traditional way, but take nontraditional paths to tell the story. “

- Dylan is doing independent projects, such as Mineral to Society and music videos with local St. Louis artists such as Foxing and Eric Donte.

- Sam is an Editor at Bruton-Strobe and also the producer, shooter, and editor for music videos with local groups such as Low Weather. 

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