Dog Days in the Heartland Cast & Crew Profile #15: Scott Michael Dunn

Dunn played Steve in Dog Days in the Heartland:

"My involvement in Dog Days spans back very close to the beginning of my entrance into the industry. I made a decision when I turned 40 to get involved in the entertainment industry and finish my college degree. After investing almost four years of my life devoted to finding my place in the local film industry, I finished my degree with honors (Magna Cum Laude). My road has been filled with some amazing developments but let’s stick to Dog Days. Almost 60 films later, things are still churning and burning for me personally. This was a learning experience and an unforgettable personal experience in filmmaking.

I was attending the Capstone screening when Devon Lee, a film student, mentioned to me a name: Chad Carpenter. He told me to get in touch with Chad because he had a feature in development. I contacted Chad and we talked for a couple of hours as our thoughts and visions aligned with his project (I drove 30 miles out of my way lost in conversation). We met several times after discussing the project and what character that I was interested in auditioning to play. We talked about the script and the project at length. Then Chad called me in a somber tone to meet. A difficult day was upon us; we hit a wall. Chad was on a timeline to put this project in motion and the casting service was not producing any leads or following through. I vividly remember sitting at the Panera Bread Company in Manchester when Chad delivered the blow to me. He felt winded enough to consider this the end of the road. I jumped to the cause and told Chad, “We can cast this thing, I can cast this thing. Let’s make a movie.” I took over the casting and we had a terrific turn-out at the late Archive Music House. 40+ people arrived, auditioned and we staged an amazing event as things went better than expected. The movie was in motion and I was eager and excited to keep things rolling.

Considering that I was unafraid to take on a project that I had never attempted like casting, Chad found faith in my ability to deliver when times were tough. There was an instance we needed the cast on site and I jumped in the car, keep in mind I was just cast at this moment and recruited from a local bar. I also helped location scout for a nursing home scene. I performed for the film and had a blast during filming. Chad provided creative flexibility with the cast and it turned out there was terrific continuity and talent involved. I spent more time with Chad through post with some marketing support and helped design, to some degree, the current direction of Middle West Movies streaming and distribution efforts.

On to what’s happening with me. I have been testing my ability with interesting characters and lots of activity in the film industry. I met with Chad recently at the screening of Bad Grandmas to catch up and watch a really entertaining movie, by the way. Some folks were introducing themselves to me and Chad laughed heartedly and said you’ve become quite a celebrity. I never considered myself anything near a celebrity, but it was a great feeling – Chad has a way of sharing positivity and motivation! I finished a few new films that are screening this summer and I have a few other films that are in production":

Fugue, by Gabe Sheets

Ellee, by Parker Roth

Abducted Anonymous, by Nathan Karimi

Interviewing Monsters, by Thomas Smugala

All That Remains, by George Hovis

The Box, by Doveed Linder

God of Wine, by Doveed Linder

Supermen: World War, by Donald Callahan

Abduction 207, by Vis Brown

111 - The Light, by Dark Village Films

Fine Print, by Mike Cowen

Fools and Gold by Nate Nguepsi